COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols

Attendees and exhibitors will need to show proof of vaccination OR a negative antigen Covid-19 test within one day of the start of the event or the date you will be attending OR a negative PCR test within two days of the start of the event or the date you will be attending.

  • Proof of vaccination OR proof of negative COVID test result.
    • A digital or physical copy of the vaccination card is accepted.
    • If unvaccinated, your Covid test must be administered as follows:
      • Antigen (rapid) test must be taken on Thursday, February 24, 2022.
      • PCR test must be taken no earlier than Wednesday, February 23, 2022.
    • Home tests are accepted with the following requirements:
      • Please take a photo with your phone, that shows the time and date of the photo,
      • Your name must be written on the home test along with the time and date the test was taken to match the photo.
    • All attendees 18 years of age and older must provide a valid ID along with one of the above to enter the building.

The Kern County Fairgrounds was deemed a mega event venue and we are being held to these requirements even though the Bakersfield Home & Garden Show does not meet the State’s definition of an ‘event’. The Bakersfield Home & Garden Show utilizes multiple entrances and buildings, spread out over 3 days and 24 hours. In various counties and venues, we would have been classified under shopping mall and museum status which most closely matches what we do and would have required no additional restrictions. Similar to the experience of shopping at Costco or other home improvement big box stores. Thank you for your support.